Prof Paul Valensi, France

Paul VALENSI is Professor of Nutrition, diabetologist and endocrinologist, Head of the departments of Endocrinology-Diabetology-Nutrition of Jean Verdier Hospital (Bondy), René Muret hospital (Sevran) and Avicenne hospital (Bobigny), Paris-Nord University, France, and co-Chair of the Centre Intégré Nord Francilien Obésité Adultes et Enfants (CINFO).

He served as Chairman of Neurodiab, Study Group of the EASD on diabetic neuropathy (2002-2005), as Chairman of the French Study Group on Heart and diabetes (2002-2005) and of the French section of the Diabetes Education Study Group (DESG) (1994-1997), and was co-organisator of the IDF meeting in Paris, august 2004. 

He is currently President of the French Group on the prevention of type 2 diabetes, member of the Executive Committee of Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease EASD Study Group, member of the R3I international Consortium on the reduction of residual risk, and associate Editor to Diabetes Metabolism.

He is co-author of several French guidelines on silent myocardial ischemia, on the anti-aggregants, on peripheral and autonomic neuropathy in diabetes, on Care of the hyperglycaemic patient during acute coronary syndrome, and co-author of the European IMAGE guidelines on the prevention of type 2 diabetes, of the Toronto consensus on diabetic neuropathy (co-Chair) and of the ESC Guidelines on diabetes, pre-diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases developed in collaboration with the EASD (2013).
He has given lectures to several international meetings (ADA, European Society of Cardiology, Neurodiab, Diabetes&Cardiovascular EASD study Group, Journées Européennes de la Société Française de Cardiologie, Société Francophone de Diabète...).

His main research topics are macro and microvascular complications of diabetes and obesity, neuropathic disorders in diabetes and obesity, and prevention of diabetes and its complications. He is author of 310 papers referenced in PubMed, about 40 chapters in scientific books including “Type 2 diabetes” (Ellipses 2004), “Le diabète. Une épidémie silencieuse” (Le bord de l’eau 2013), “Diabetes in cardiovascular disease” (Elsevier 2014), and Editor or co-editor of books : “Heart and diabetes” (Ed. Frison-Roche, 1999, 470 pages), “All in One. Diabetes and the Heart” (Merck Santé 2004).